Our mission

Christian Life Church is purposeful in praying, preparing, proclaiming, partnering and planting.

  • We are a praying church and believe that prayer makes a difference. We gather each week to pray for the needs of our church family, for our community and the world around us.
  • We are a church that is preparing people, both young and old, through teaching the Bible and the instructions that God's Word has for us, to live as Christ followers in our homes, our communities and wherever God calls us to be.
  • We proclaim the truths from God's Word, the Bible.
  • We partner with ministries that share our mission in other parts of our city, our nation and the world.
  • We support planting new ministries that further the Gospel message. 

What We believe

Christian Life Church is one of more than 1,100 churches affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada has a significant place in the mainstream of historical Christianity.

As with historical, evangelical Christianity, it emphasizes Christ as the Saviour and the soon and coming King. In addition, it presents Christ as the Healer, and it holds the distinctive position that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence when Christ baptizes in the Holy Spirit.

Our Doctrine of Faith and other information can be found on the website of the PAOC.